Terrible expensive studio photo session – Is it true ?

Today i get a phone call from one lady, she asked how much cost studio glamour photo session. I said that the cost is 100 euro only. And for that 100 euro she will get:
full photo session, cd with all professional processed photos and 6 printouts (A4 formatt)
Than she said:
“Ohh my God , why is so expensive” and angry hung out the connection.
I was very surprised from her reaction.
Now my friends lets see how expensive is photo session in our studio:
The cost as I said is 100 euro
time for photo session 3 hours
time for selection best shots 1 hour
time for post processing per one photo is about 1 hour (and usually is at least 10 photos) so lets say 10 h
time for printing preparation is about 2 hours
time for printing for 10 photos is about 2 hours
time CD recording is about half hour (i will not add this to total)
So total time per one photo session for photographer is 18 hours
so simply calulatio 100 euro devided by 18 hours will give us 5.56 euro per hour
than add electricity power usage, my equipment usage etc
Now dear LADY let say again than I am expensive !!!!
(btw what is the minimum wages per hour in IRL ) ???

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We answer the questions !

Last week CORK INDEPENDENT published fantastic guide for couples want to take a marriage. On page 23 of that guide in article „Smile, it’s
Your big day!” they published 16 questions which couple should ask photographers before they hire him on the big day. Now we want to answer
to all these questions.

Question No. 1

Can I see a portfolio?

Our answer:

Yes of course, You can see our portfolio. It is visible on our web page (www.photoeire.com), but we firmly insist to see our portfolio on
printed pictures.

Question No. 2

Is the album included in the price?

Our answer:

No. The reason is very simple, different people likes different things, The prices for photo album can be from 50 up to 1000 euro. So You
have to always clarify that part on interview. The other thing is that we do an art professional printing of our photographs which 20
of them are included in price (our professional printed photographs are printed on the best quality BARYTA paper and best MATTE paper)

Question No. 3

Do You charge a flat free or by hour?

Our answer:

We charge for flat free, please go to SERVICE web for all prices, as You will se we are very flexi and we can extend time of our work which
will be charged by hour.

Question No. 4

Are we (the couple) expected to provide any food, transport or accommodation for You?

Our answer:

All depend on this where will be wedding and how long our job will take. For example: If the wedding will be in Cork City than NO, our
photographers have got own food and transport, but if You will organize your wedding in ie. Co. Antrim than YES.
The other thing is, if You will be so nice and want to offer hot food for our photographers than we will never say NO :-).

Question No. 5

Can we keep the negatives, is there an option to buy them and copyright too?

Our answer:

NO, the answer is very simply. Our post processing is very unique which show our art style. We do not want to see our photos processed by
different retoucher!

Question No. 6

Do You know the wedding venue and if not are You prepared to go out to the venue beforehand to familiarize yourself with it?

Our answer:

YES and YES, if we know the place where will be wedding or wedding party we are going over there a day before to check everything ( rooms,
lights etc), if we don’t know anything about the place than is very recommend to go with You to the place, more details better job done.

Question No. 7

Will You be photographing the venue yourself or will you be sending an assistant to do it?

Our answer:

We usually have got two photographers. „primary shooter” which take all important moments on the day (church, „I do”, speaches, cake
cutting etc) and „secondary shooter” which will catch lot of emotional moments on that day.

Question No. 8

If you bring an assistant with You, will they be included in the quote?

Our answer:

Yes , "secondary shooter" is included in price.

Question No. 9

How soon after the wedding will the proofs be ready?

Our answer:

All contracted photos are ready usually in 3 weeks time after wedding, Low resolution photos are sent to couples for preview, after that we
can do a small corrections (but that never happened before). When the couple are happy with our work than we delivery full high resolution
photos and printouts.

Question No. 10

What is the cancellation / postponement policy?

Our answer:

On day which You will sign a contract You have to pay 20% of contracted price. When You will cancel contract, money stay with us, and there
is no other restirtiction after.

Question No. 11

How much is deposit and when is it due? When is the balance due?

Our answer:

As previous question , deposit is 20% of contracted price, deposit must be pay on sign contract day. All other can be pay on delivery time.
Usually couple want to pay rest of the money on big day.

Question No. 12

Is VAT included?

Our answer:

We are not VAT company, so price on contract is full price for wedding report.

Question No. 13

Do You have public liability insurance and indemnity?

Our answer:

Yes our photographer are insured and all photo equipment is insured as well.

Question No. 14

What happened if you are unwell and unable to make it on the day, do you know a photographer with similar style who could step in if

Our answer:

If we cannot do the photo report in some reason than we know two other photographers which can do. However as I said previously Photoeire
has got more than one photographer so that situation will never happen.

Question No. 15

What spare kit do you take?

Our answer:

We have got at least 3 cameras and 3 flashguns, we always have got spare equipment to do the job as best as we can.

Question No. 16

Can You provide references?

Our answer:

If is it necessary YES we can, however couple always forget to leave feedback on our webpage.

If You have got more questions please contact with us.